2009 WAVM Telethon Favorites

The WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon raised close to (and, by now, probably over) $32,000 for local families in need.  This was a 40-hour live television show produced by high school students.  A difficult task for professionals, they showcase a variety of local talents in conjunction with an auction.

What follows are a few favorite photographs that I took during the telethon.

(Above: Mark Poulin, of HELP!, performs on stage on Friday evening.)

Each year Mr. Vic brings his young music class to sing some holiday songs.

A member of the Maynard Community Band gets into the spirit.

Mark Malcolm, children’s librarian at the Maynard Public Library, hosted a talent show and led the kazoo orchestra.

Connie and Vinnie Stigliani perform as part of the “Tap ‘n’ Tones”.

Violinist Jagan Singh accompanied Liz Pekkala in a Studio A performance of Christmas music.

Members of the famed “Senior Shakers” perform on-stage.

One of Miss Tricia’s dance studio students performing a ballet.

Laura Pratt belts out a tune performing on-stage with True West.

One of our more popular local hip-hop artists, T-Nova, performs on-stage Saturday night.

At 10pm on Saturday the Toy Auction gets underway.

One of the telethon hosts, Nick Jacques, singing in Studio A.

Here’s a good chunk of the team that made that $31,899.10 total possible.  Seven hosts and their tech crews, who work in shifts to keep the 3 television studios and radio station operational during the 40-hour event.

The hosts have a little fun after the telethon winds down. (L-R: Samantha Howell, Jason Schomacker, Emily Witham, Nick Jacques, Rachel MacGillivary, Joey Tyler, Katrina Kohlman).

For way too many other photos of the telethon head over to: [url]http://wavm.org/telethon09/gallery.html[/url]

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