Peyton’s River’s Edge Restaurant

A few weeks ago Jason Carron and Nicolas Leo were searching for some photography that connected their new restaurant, Peyton’s River’s Edge, to both the river that flows behind the restaurant and the town they are in.  In addition to historical photographs they selected nine of my river and town photographs for the walls of the restaurant.

Here are a few of them being installed (I forgot to grab a shot of them in place — I will correct this soon).  We went with black&white versions of the images so they would provide a consistent feel across the wall.   It’s a nice mixture of Assabet River scenics and some iconic views of our little town. Overall everyone is happy with the results which is great.

I will have a small placard  near the entrance with this QR Code that will lead interested patrons to a page with more information about the photographs and links to the Maynard Historical Society and OARS, our local river stewardship organization.

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