November 2015 Wallpaper

November 2015 Wallpaper

Autumn always reminds me that one constant in this world is change.  This is the last year I will have the opportunity to take this particular photograph in our backyard, but we’re excited by what the future holds.  Seasons change and there’s always something interesting over the horizon.

Download the 1024×768 version here. (Great for your iPad)

Download the 1280×800 version here.

Download the 1366×768 version here.

Download the 1920×1080 version here. (HDTV widescreen)

Download the 1680×1050 version here.

Download the 2448×1836 version here. (iPads with Retina Screens)

Technical: Canon 5D Mk2, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L at 120mm, 1/125 at f/3.2, ISO 160. Processed with Lightroom CC 2015: highlights -36, whites +19, medium contrast curve).  I used the Adobe Standard profile which seems to favor reds a bit.

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