August 2016 Wallpaper

August 2016 Wallpaper

We’re in the middle of a pretty severe drought here in Massachusetts (and central MA is ground zero) so most of the plants in the area are struggling and I’m hard-pressed to find a new photograph for this year.  August is also when we take our annual kayaking trip somewhere far away from there, so I thought I’d go with a photograph from August of last year at Lobster Lake in Maine.  (For 2016 we’re returning to a remote site on Aziscohos Lake and hoping for good weather and maybe an aurora to compliment the waning moon!)

This particular image was difficult to crop into the 3 different versions below – there are major differences between them, so I hope you enjoy the one you use!  I’m actually very fond of a black & white version of this photograph, but decided it might not be what people are looking for on their computer screens…


Anyways, here they are:

Download the 1024×768 version here. (Great for your iPad)

Download the 1280×800 version here.

Download the 1366×768 version here.

Download the 1920×1080 version here. (HDTV widescreen)

Download the 1680×1050 version here.

Download the 2448×1836 version here. (iPads with Retina Screens)

Technical: Fujifilm X-T1, XF 55-200 f/3.5 at 200mm, 1/1600 at f/7.1, ISO 400; probably on a tripod (I don’t think we were on the water yet when I took this). Processed with Lightroom CC: just some simple contrast tweaks – the scene did most of the heavy lifting (as it should be).

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