November 2017 Wallpaper

We were on vacation the first week of November in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We visited 5 National Wildlife Refuges (and could have easily added another 3 or 4 if we had the time).   While, sadly, the migrating birds had yet to arrive we enjoyed the bears at Alligator River NWR and this peaceful sunset at Pea Island NWR.

(As long as I have your attention…  Our National Wildlife Refuge system is currently under attack by the current congress and administration.  Please consider supporting organizations like the National Wildlife Refuge Association, League of Conservation Voters, and others that are trying to give a voice to these precious national (and global) assets.)

Here are your wallpaper options:

Download the 1024×768 version here. (Great for your iPad)

Download the 1280×800 version here.

Download the 1366×768 version here.

Download the 1920×1080 version here. (HDTV widescreen)

Download the 1680×1050 version here.

Download the 2448×1836 version here. (iPads with Retina Screens)

Technical: Fujifilm X-T2,  XF 100-400mm f/5.6 at 230mm; 1/3200 at f/10, ISO 200.  Processed with Lightroom CC, minor contrast tweaks, medium contrast curve.

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