February 2018 Wallpaper

You may have seen this photo on my Instagram feed.  I mentioned that we had found a waterfall nearby.  I realized afterwards that the photograph gave the impression that this bit of falling water was the waterfall….  Oh no….

A few weeks ago Betsy and I were taking a short hike in the land behind our home in Fitchburg (we share a border with some power lines and then Cogshall Park).  Back in the fall I had ventured over to a section with Cayla (our grand-daughter) but it dropped into a steep ravine and I thought it might be a bit much for her.

I knew there was a stream at the bottom so we thought it would be nice to see it.  Indeed there is a wonderful brook running through the woods.

Downstream would head into private property and, eventually, Route 2.  So we headed upstream.

And we were greeted by a 40-50 foot waterfall!

While it is rather difficult to get to, suffice it to say that I’ll be exploring this jewel in my “backyard” quite a bit in the coming months…   Indeed these photos were taken about a week after the “discovery” when we had a bit of snow falling.

Here are your wallpaper options:

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Technical: Fujifilm X-T2, Fuji XF 50-140mm f/2.8, 1/10 at f/16, ISO 200.  Gitzo Tripod. RRS ballhead.  NEOS Overshoes.  Processed with Lightroom CC.  Basic contrast tweaks given the wide dynamic range of the snow and dark rocks (shadows +57, whites +3, blacks -18, clarity +34).  Mild masked sharpening.

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