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2nd Annual Sip and Stroll in Maynard

sip and stroll preview 2nd Annual Sip and Stroll in Maynard

The Maynard Business Alliance held our  second “Sip and Stroll” last night.  It kicked off with a tree lighting ceremony in Memorial Park followed by hundreds of visitors flocking into downtown and visiting the many businesses that opened their doors, many providing warm drinks and live music all under a bright crescent moon.

Visit the gallery of photographs from the evening.

I hope you enjoy the photographs.  (It’s not exactly easy to really capture an event that essentially takes place in darkness, but I do try…)

Thanks to all my fellow Maynard Business Alliance members, community supporters, town officials and others who made the night possible.  Congratulations to Kelli Costa and Nick Johnson (of Gallery Seven) who are the driving force behind this event — it was another complete success guys!

Maynard Fest 2013

maynardfest gallery Maynard Fest 2013

For the past few years I’ve contributed to the annual Maynard Fest by donating my time photographing this great local event for the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce.  I’m always honored when asked to do this and hope everyone enjoys the images of the day.  It was nearly perfect weather for the event with no rain, cool temperatures and the scattered clouds made for generally beautiful light to make photographs.

Click here see the my gallery of selected images.

Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3318 2012C 263 0462 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

Nothing says small town ‘merica like a parade and right on the heels of Saturday’s Sip and Stroll event on Saturday night was Sunday afternoon’s 46th Annual Christmas Parade down Main Street in Maynard.   For a few minute it looked like I’d have the perfect light for the second half of the parade, but the clouds stayed — which was almost as good  (the best light is when the 4pm winter sun floods down Main Street on the parade’s return route… just magic).

For a pretty complete photographic journal of the event head over to:

wpid3320 2012C 263 0463 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3322 2012C 263 0468 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3324 2012C 263 0485 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3326 2012C 263 0566 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3328 2012C 263 0577 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3331 2012C 263 0649 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

wpid3333 2012C 263 0699 Maynard Christmas Parade 2012

Technical:  Canon 5D Mark II, mostly 70-200mm f/2.8L (a few 24-70 shots in there), handheld.   Minimally processed with Lightroom 4 (exposure tweaks, clarity +18, vibrance +25)

Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

wpid3299 2012C 263 0216 Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

I was asked by my friends in the Maynard Business Alliance to take some pictures at their first Sip and Stroll event on Saturday evening, December 1st.   A light snow had fallen all day lending just the right amount of a wintery backdrop — but without the shoveling and snow piles!  By all accounts the event was a great success and my biggest issue was getting good photographs of some of the businesses because the crowds were too heavy at times and I just didn’t get to all of them (sorry!)

A larger gallery of the images can be found on my community site:  (fyi, these are the same images posted on the MBA Facebook page, so if you saw them there, nothing new here…)

Nwpid3301 2012C 263 0229 Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

wpid3304 2012C 263 0265 Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

wpid3306 2012C 263 0270 Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

wpid3308 2012C 263 0293 Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

wpid3310 2012C 263 0344 Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

wpid3312 2012C 263 0372 enfuse Downtown Maynard Holiday Sip and Stroll

Technical:  All photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark II, various lenses mounted on my Gitzo tripod.   Exposures, ISOs all varied widely and there are a few HDR images in here as well (they have the _enfuse suffix in the file name in case you are curious).  All images processed in Lightroom 4.