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Maynard Fest 2013

maynardfest gallery Maynard Fest 2013

For the past few years I’ve contributed to the annual Maynard Fest by donating my time photographing this great local event for the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce.  I’m always honored when asked to do this and hope everyone enjoys the images of the day.  It was nearly perfect weather for the event with no rain, cool temperatures and the scattered clouds made for generally beautiful light to make photographs.

Click here see the my gallery of selected images.

OARS 2012 River Cleanup

wpid3220 20129 580 8739 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

Yesterday was the 26th annual river cleanup event by OARS.  Close to (and perhaps just over) 200 volunteers came together on a beautiful September morning to help clean up the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers.   The cleanup spans so many communities and happens in just a few hours so it is impossible for one person to photograph all of the locations so I was assigned to a few of them.   We start on the Sudbury River in Framingham.  This is the second year the cleanup has been on the Sudbury River and close to 30 volunteers worked in and along the river pulling out tires and other trash after just a few minutes of starting.

wpid3222 20129 263 8259 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

Another group of 30+ volunteers were along the Assabet River in Maynard.   Here we see an amazing boatload of metal being hauled downstream.

wpid3224 20129 580 8829 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

Another group of students in Maynard filling up a canoe with all manner of trash.

wpid3226 20129 580 8837 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

This is a team of college students working on the Assabet River in Acton.

wpid3228 20129 263 8277 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

A large group of volunteers in Concord split between the Sudbury and Assabet Rivers.  In West Concord this group worked on the Assabet River behind Damonmill and nearly filled a large dumpster with tires and other trash taken from the river.

wpid3230 20129 263 8299 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

wpid3232 20129 580 8919 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

wpid3234 20129 263 8341 OARS 2012 River Cleanup

This is the final pile of trash pulled out of Maynard (it extends another 8 feet to the right of the image).   A phenomenal job by all!

For more images visit:

For more information on the cleanup and how you can help our local rivers visit:


GSEM Forever Green Camporee


wpid3142 20126 263 3798 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

This weekend the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts held their “Forever Green” Camporee, celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting.  Over 2000 Girl Scouts, staff, and adult volunteers converged on the Barnstable County Fairgrounds in East Falmouth, MA for a weekend of fun, activities, friendship and stories that will probably last a lifetime (especially those who stayed for the entire event).

I was one of three photographers at the event, so I actually skewed my time to shooting video and some panoramas.   I will post the link to Gloria and Terry’s site once their pictures are ready.  If you don’t see yourself in one of my galleries, chances are they have a picture of you in theirs.

Videos and high-resolution downloads of my photographs will be available later in the week.

Here are the links to the photo galleries followed by a few of my favorites from the weekend:

(I will also fill in more details of the event later tonight — I have “real work” to do today…   Please check back here after Wednesday evening for videos and other good stuff..)


wpid3138 20126 580 5963 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3140 20126 263 3712 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3144 20126 580 6111 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3146 20126 580 6138 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3148 20126 580 6153 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3150 20126 580 6217 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3152 20126 580 6270 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3154 20126 580 6343 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3156 20126 263 3919 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3158 20126 263 3956 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3160 20126 263 3975 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3162 20126 580 6434 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3164 20126 263 4022 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3166 20126 263 4030 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3168 20126 491 3119 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3170 20126 580 6482 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3172 20126 580 6506 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3174 20126 580 6518 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3176 20126 580 6567 GSEM Forever Green Camporee

wpid3178 20126 491 3156 GSEM Forever Green Camporee