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Blue and Gold

A scene from the Concord River in Billerica a couple of years ago (you can tell it’s not this year because there’s not 5 feet of snow on the shoreline).   I have to admit that I was a bit let down by how this renders in the browser’s colorspace — the blues are much more vibrant on my monitor in Lightroom.  That single leaf trapped in the ice also appealed to me a bit.

Technical: Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm f/2.8L at 28mm, 1/125 second, f/13, ISO 200.  Filter configuration unrecorded.
Lightroom 3:  Lens correction applied, exposure +1/4 stop, fill 48, blacks 35, clarity +37, vibrance +7, sharpened to taste.  White balance was set to 6300K – which probably isn’t far off from “reality” (such as it was).  This was one of those images where the white balance dramatically affected the intent of the image.  Keeping it around 6000K balanced the warmth of the setting sun with the cool ice reflecting the sky.


A couple of years ago we took a trip down a part of the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire looking for interesting winter scenes.  While we don’t have the terrain of that countryside here in Massachusetts we pretty much have the same snowfall this year — and we’re about to get hammered again.    We have icicles though, but they tend to be hanging off of houses rather than gorges.  I recalled this scene while driving by those houses.

These are fairly impressionistic images, more heavily processed in Lightroom than I normally do – but I wanted to bring out the cold feeling of the blue in the ice and waterfall pool.

Technical: Canon 1D Mark 2, 24-70mm f/2.8L at 32mm, 1/50 at f/8, ISO 200.
Lightroom 3: Lens profile correction (flattens it out nicely), fill 40, blacks 19, clarity +100 (yes, over the top), vibrance +20, aqua and blue saturation +100.  (Reference the “before” image below.)

February 2010 Wallpaper

Assabet River Ice - February 2010 Wallpaper

Here is the February 2010 wallpaper for your favorite computer display. I thought I’d celebrate Valentine’s Day with a splash of red (ok, pink!

This month’s image comes from a spot just mile or so upriver of our home, an abstract of ice and water on the Assabet River in Stow, Massachusetts.

This is an image that will likely be part of an exhibit I’m assembling for later this year exploring the places “in between” – in this case between water and ice.

You can download this image for several popular display sizes:

Download the 1024×768 version here.

Download the 1280×1024 version here.

Download the 1680×1050 version here.

Macro photography is just plain hard

On a recent frosty morning I headed out into the backyard to see what I could find.   I carried the 24-70mm and the 100mm macro with the intent of photographing some tiny scenes.   I’ve been poking at macro photography for a while now — it’s hard work and I’m nowhere near good at this.

When I walked down to the river’s bank I found a familiar set of ice forms that I have yet to photograph successfully.  As you can see below, they still elude me.   I’m thinking that video may be a better medium for these as it may be that the interaction of the ice and water is what makes the scene and short of bringing lots of artificial light into the image, I don’t think this can be captured (not that I won’t keep on trying.)   Still, it was great fun lying in the snow almost standing on my head trying not have the camera slide into the river.