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2010 WAVM Telethon

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year….   For too many years I’ve been involved with the WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon — a 40-hour non-stop live television / radio / webcast production that is staged by the students of Maynard High School’s student-run WAVM station.   The money raised by these students goes to the Beacon Santa Fund.

A gallery of my favorite images from the weekend can be found on my community site:  http://community.dmg-photography.com

And if you are really hungry for pictures, the WAVM website has hundreds of photographs spanning the entire weekend.

For probably the past 10 years I’ve been photographing the event — trying to capture as much of the “behind the scenes” activities that go on.

For a few weeks before the telethon adult volunteers and staff members work to “tag” items for the auction.  These items are stuffed into a tiny storage room until Friday afternoon when we finally pull them all out and spread them around the library so they can be grouped and prepared for on-air auctioning.

Live music is a featured part of the telethon.  Headlining Friday night was “One Seventeen” a band of MHS grads from the 70s.  The dudes were tight.

Here’s a shot of a quartet called “Limelight”

My friend Vic Lalli (“Mister Vic“) brings his music class into Studio B and sings a few holiday tunes.   When you are bone-tired from a week of preparation and working until 2am with technical details, pictures like this make it all worthwhile.

Students man the phone bank and take bids on auction items.  They do a great job under a lot of pressure.

Here are a few of the hosts celebrating the end of the telethon.  A few minutes later some last minute donations put them over the $28,000 mark.

2009 WAVM Telethon Favorites

The WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon raised close to (and, by now, probably over) $32,000 for local families in need.  This was a 40-hour live television show produced by high school students.  A difficult task for professionals, they showcase a variety of local talents in conjunction with an auction.

What follows are a few favorite photographs that I took during the telethon.

(Above: Mark Poulin, of HELP!, performs on stage on Friday evening.)

Each year Mr. Vic brings his young music class to sing some holiday songs.

A member of the Maynard Community Band gets into the spirit.

Mark Malcolm, children’s librarian at the Maynard Public Library, hosted a talent show and led the kazoo orchestra.

Connie and Vinnie Stigliani perform as part of the “Tap ‘n’ Tones”.

Violinist Jagan Singh accompanied Liz Pekkala in a Studio A performance of Christmas music.

Members of the famed “Senior Shakers” perform on-stage.

One of Miss Tricia’s dance studio students performing a ballet.

Laura Pratt belts out a tune performing on-stage with True West.

One of our more popular local hip-hop artists, T-Nova, performs on-stage Saturday night.

At 10pm on Saturday the Toy Auction gets underway.

One of the telethon hosts, Nick Jacques, singing in Studio A.

Here’s a good chunk of the team that made that $31,899.10 total possible.  Seven hosts and their tech crews, who work in shifts to keep the 3 television studios and radio station operational during the 40-hour event.

The hosts have a little fun after the telethon winds down. (L-R: Samantha Howell, Jason Schomacker, Emily Witham, Nick Jacques, Rachel MacGillivary, Joey Tyler, Katrina Kohlman).

For way too many other photos of the telethon head over to: [url]http://wavm.org/telethon09/gallery.html[/url]

Kicking off the 2009 WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon


In our hometown of Maynard, MA there are a number of holiday traditions, and the WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon pretty much tops them all.   The student-run WAVM radio and television station, based at Maynard High School, produces a 40-hour telethon each December.  This year’s telethon kicked off last night at 8pm and I’ll be documenting the event.   Here are are few highlights.   The full galleries are updated during the telethon at the WAVM web site.   After I’ve had a few hours sleep next week I’ll publish a “best of” set on my community page.


Telethon host Katrina Kohlman reviews the donor board before the telethon starts.


The kickoff band was Maynard’s own Beatles cover band “Help!”, celebrating their 20 years of great music.


Studio B is a busy place.


Kaleigh Mangerelli did a great acoustic set in Studio B.


Adult volunteer Anita Hill helps a WAVM staff member who will be taking bids over the phones.


One of the highlights of Saturday mornings for many past telethons has been Mr. Vic and his music class.



State Representative Kate Hogan stopped in and presented the WAVM staff with a proclamation honoring their hard work to help those less fortunate in our communities.

The telethon appreciates donations and you can bid on hundreds of auction items.  The program is also streaming live on the web so even if you don’t have local cable (TV-8 on Comcast and 28 on Verizon Fios) you can tune in to the program.

2008-WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon

It is that time of year again.   For the past few months the high school students (and a few harried faculty members) have been gearing up for the 40 hour telethon this weekend (Dec 12-14).

I’ve been digging in the past couple of weeks getting the various computer systems fired up, and taking photographs of the hundreds of auction items we receive  (not as many hundreds as past years – the economy ripples hit charities the hardest).

Now the fun part (at least for me) – I’ll be photographing the event and posting photograph albums on the WAVM web site (wavm.org).   The first gallery is up with some behind the scenes shots from earlier in the week.

If you are in the Greater Maynard area, please support the telethon with a donation or bid on an item in the auction.  The money goes to the Beacon Santa, which supports needy families in a dozen or more communities in the area.  The WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon is the single largest contributor to the Beacon Santa Fund — an amazing job accomplished by high school students that still have classes, homework, SATs, sports, and everything else kids deal with these days.

You can watch the telethon on Comcast Channels 8 and 10 in Maynard.  I’m not sure if we’re being carried in neighboring towns – we often end up on their public access channels.   We’ll also be streaming it live on the web and you can follow the auction via the web as well.

Just head on over to wavm.org and follow the links to the telethon and please consider supporting the students in their efforts to support those in need.