We are dedicated to creating compelling and authentic stories using cutting-edge digital media tools -- connecting people to organizations, businesses, artists, and causes.

Web Video / Podcasts

Web video is no longer for the "early adopters". More than 80% of the U.S. internet market is watching at least one video each month -- often many more. Web becoming a major distribution channel for informational for connecting people to businesses, artists, performers, craftspersons, and advocacy groups. We apply our audio-visual expertise to creating single or episodic high-definition video, targeted for internet distribution.


60 second business profile video for your web site: $500

A short video highlighting your business is a powerful marketing tool and a way of differentiating your business from your competitors. The 1 minute video is shot in a documentary style at your business or a job site. The filming process takes less than two hours of your time and the video is ready for your web site or YouTube within 4 days of the filming.

This special package price is offered to any business within a 30-mile radius around Maynard, Massachusetts. A 20% discount is available to members of the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Contact us for details. Click here to view a sample profile video.

Outdoor Recreation
and Events

Outdoor recreation connects us all to the greater world. If you want the passion and joy you have in your sport or outdoor activity reflected in images and video, please contact us. I specialize in candid photography that captures the intensity and emotion of people competing and enjoying what they love to do. For examples of my event photography visit:

As a nature photographer/videographer I'm an "all weather" shop -- a little rain or snow doesn't slow me down. Contact us for rates and options. I will do some events "on spec" (e.g., races, horse shows, etc.) if there is a sufficient chance of individual purchases.

Concert / Event Candids

Concert photography is an intersection of two things that I have a passion for: live music and technically challenging photography. If your band or venue requires imagery (still or video) that captures those special moments of a live performance, let's talk about the possibilities. I also have years of experience creating compelling candid images for indoor events.

Nature Conservation

For nature conservation we use a combination of compelling still imagery, high-definition video, and environmental sound recordings to help create visually-based programs to highlight issues and promote your conservation goals.

Photographic images, when used in context with scientific data, can create powerful tools to pursuade decision makers and inspire the general public. To counterpoint still images contemplative properties, video and sound can be employed to advance narratives or gain attention (particularly with cross-generational audiences).

Researchers, organizational development, and focused issue campaigns can utilize our skills in: nature photography, fine art prints, DVDs, multimedia presentations, and article writing.

Slideshows / Exhibits

We are continuously developing new fine-art print exhibits and companion slide shows to bring inspiring outdoor photography to the public. Slideshow presentations are a flat fee of $100 (plus travel expenses if beyond 30 miles from my home).

Please contact us for more information about any of the shows below. If you have a related subject area of interest, we'll do our best to accomodate you or locate someone who can.

  • "Assabet River - A Place In Between" (slideshow/exhibit) - Coming in 2009!
  • "Chills" (slideshow) - Photographs of autumn through early spring.
  • "Yellowstone at 40 below" (slideshow) - The stark beauty of Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter.
  • "The Radiance of Nature" (exhibit) - 12-14 fine-art prints of nature's beauty.
  • "The Radiance of Nature" (slideshow) - A companion presentation to the exhibit, but stands on its own.
  • "A Trip Down the Assabet River" (slideshow) - Follow the river down its 31 miles from Westborough to Concord.
  • "Assabet Osprey" (slideshow) - A chronicle of an Osprey family nesting on the Assabet River.
  • "River Photography" (tutorial) - An introduction to taking better photographs outdoors, with emphasis on the challenges of photographing on or near a river.

Click here for a list of current and upcoming exhibits and engagements.

Fine Art Prints / Publications

If you happen to like one (or more) of the photographs shown in our galleries, they are available as fine art prints at reasonable prices. Prints can be ordered with the print alone, matted, or matted and framed.

Our gallery and event images are available at industry standard rates for publications that demand top quality and prompt turnaround times.

Please contact us with the photo id number and how you would like it presented.

Historical Document Conservation

The precious photographs and documents of our history here in New England are at risk. For many towns in this region there simply are not enough resources devoted to historical preservation to properly conserve and archive "one of a kind" artifacts.

Our goal is to help towns, historical societies, groups, and families use digital imaging to help reduce the risks of losing the images and words of our ancestors, and provide the initial steps towards proper conservation of the most precious of those artifacts.

Digital imaging itself is not a panacea for historical conservation as it has serious long-term archival issues as well. However it does provide some very important benefits that make it a worthwhile "first step" in the long-term preservation of photographs and documents: resistance to natural disasters, access, and cost effectiveness. After digititization is completed the artifact images can be made available on DVD or via a web site, creating awareness of these hidden treasures.

We offer the following services to aid y0ur organization: document scanning, artifact imaging, digitization of video/audio recordings, digital restoration, metadata tagging, cataloging, and multimedia presentation.